Treating Clients for a Look That Exudes Youthfulness and Confidence

Here at Eye Candy, we approach each client individually and after observing and listening, we evaluate your individual needs and work with you to help you achieve your goals for a softer, more rested natural look. Our artistry and attention to detail are effective not only in boosting your natural radiance but also in giving you confidence in your appearance.

The Perfect Derma™ Peel Botox, Anti-Aging

Emphasis on Education and Up to Date Practices

The esteemed team at Eye Candy has a passion that has fueled hours upon hours of advanced training and education to ensure we help better serve as your guide throughout your journey of aesthetic rejuvenation. Prioritizing safety, our injectors continually research and invest in the knowledge gained around the world within the field of facial aesthetics. We host quarterly “model-days” to remain connected as a team ensuring that we are identical with our techniques and expected results. Spending time at world renowned conferences such as AMWC in Monte Carlo, Monaco, have enriched our craft of providing soft, natural results.

Our Mission

We believe that there is an art to ageing. It’s not about looking artificially young, frozen, or puffy but instead it’s about softening certain movements, prevention, and lift all while developing a trust together to support you on your journey of looking naturally fabulous at every stage of life. Rested and youthful and still you.

What To Expect at Your Initial Consultation

You will be greeted with warmth and a genuine smile from our team at the front desk. Building trust and communication are our top priorities, therefore, consultations are always complimentary. We reserve 30 minutes together to thoroughly review every detail and mutually construct an individualized treatment plan. We build in time for your treatment immediately following your consult but there is never any pressure. Our goal is to become a lifelong partner with you along your journey of taking care of yourself with non-surgical aesthetic treatments.

Two Week Follow-Up Visit

At Eye Candy, we know our Botox, Xeomin and Dysport. However, we are still learning about your muscles and individuality with your facial anatomy. Therefore, we believe in starting small and adding more as needed. We plan a two week follow up visit for each new client which allows us to assess your treatment results and add more if needed. Because of this teamwork and attention to detail we can develop your perfect “recipe” providing consistent, natural results without the chance of looking overdone or causing heaviness.